End of Life Care



This is the most difficult part of loving furry family members…we inevitably outlive them.

It can be very difficult to know when the time is right to say goodbye. The staff at Rocklin Road can help you with that decision. Although we are dedicated to giving your pet the longest, healthiest life possible, there comes a point when it’s time to let go. Incurable and debilitating conditions that give a poor quality of life and pain that can’t be alleviated are two examples when the decision to say goodbye is right.

At Rocklin Road, we understand that special bond between you and your pet. We all have had to make the end-of-life decision with a pet as well. When the time comes, we will perform humane euthanasia. This process is gentle, painless, and humane—your pet simply “falls asleep” for the last time. You are welcome to be a part of the process as much or as little as you like.

We also offer at home euthanasia at Rocklin Road. Many pets became nervous in the car or an unfamiliar environment, so in-home euthanasia is less traumatic. Your pet can even be lying comfortably in his or her favorite bed or spot in the backyard. Give us a few days’ notice, if possible, to schedule such a house call.

When the time comes, the professionals at Rocklin Road Animal Hospital are here to support and guide you through the end-of-life process.