If your pets could talk, it would make veterinary medicine much easier. But, since they can’t communicate where it hurts, we have quick and accurate diagnostic tests to determine what is wrong. We must rely on a complete medical history provided by you, a comprehensive, hands-on physical examination and laboratory testing. Rocklin Road Animal Hospital has the latest technology available to assist our veterinarians in making a diagnosis so that we can determine an appropriate treatment plan quickly.

  • Blood test on site with our state of the art equipment
  • Tonometry to measure the eye pressure
  • Radiology including Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound
  • Dental X-Rays to see what is going on below the gumline
  • EKG’s and Echocardiograms, to see how well the heart is functioning.

Part of our high-quality service is routinely screening for possible complicating conditions before we anesthetize your pet for surgical procedures. This not standard practice but pets do not deserve their health to be compromised due to cutting corners.

Early diagnosis of diseases or developing conditions offer prompt treatment and often the least invasive procedures needed to control or eliminate such problems. The professionals of Rocklin Road Animal Hospital provide our clients with advanced diagnostic equipment and techniques for the health of your special pet.