• Jul 13 2015

    Arthritis In Cats

    Cats Get Arthritis Too Arthritis, a painful inflammation of the joints which gradually gets worse doesn’t only affect humans. The condition is also very common in cats, especially in those…

  • Jul 06 2015

    Golden Retriever – Breed Information

    Golden Retriever Due to its friendly appearance, intelligence, obedience and attachment to humans, the Golden Retriever is one of the top 3 most popular breeds in the United States. Predominantly…

  • Jun 29 2015

    Treating Cancer in Pets

    Treating Cancer in Pets Cancer is getting increasingly common in pets. In senior dogs (10 years of age or older), it is the most common cause of death. Fewer cats…

  • Jun 22 2015

    Symptoms of Eye Problems in Dogs & Cats

    Symptoms of Eye Problems Pets can develop many of the same problems with eyes that affect their human owners. Eye problems in both dogs and cats thus range from minor,…

  • Jun 15 2015

    Risk of Over Vaccination

    Risk of Over Vaccinating Pet vaccines help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals each year. Just like those used to immunize humans, pet vaccines work by triggering…

  • Jun 08 2015

    Proper Pet Ear Cleaning

    Proper Ear Cleaning No matter if you own a dog or cat, your pet’s routine care and grooming should also include proper ear cleaning to keep his/her ears healthy. Without…

  • May 25 2015

    Pet Sitter Instructions

    Pet Sitter Instructions Hiring a pet sitter to look after your pet(s) while being away from home offers a number of benefits for both your four-legged friend(s) and yourself. Your…

  • May 18 2015

    Rocklin Road Animal Hospital Introduction

  • May 18 2015

    Weight Management General Information

    Weight Management According to a recent study, overweight problems are not limited to humans but affect their furry friends as well. The study found that more than 50% of both…

  • May 11 2015

    Rattlesnake Safety

    Rattlesnake Safety for Pets Pet deaths due to rattlesnake bites are fortunately very uncommon. However, this is not because rattlesnakes are not dangerous or rarely encountered. On the contrary, their…