• Sep 15 2015

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  • Sep 15 2015

    Halloween Costume Contest – Rules

    Welcome to our Halloween Costume Contest! For 2015, Rocklin Road Animal Hospital is throwing a costume contest online. Take a picture of your pet in their Halloween costume and then…

  • Sep 14 2015

    Boxer – Breed Information

    Boxer – Breed Information The Boxer is a medium-sized dog breed which originates from Germany. Great with kids and other pets, and suspicious of but polite to strangers, the breed…

  • Sep 07 2015

    Protect Your Pets from Coyotes

    Protect Your Pets from Coyotes Coyotes pose a serious threat to pets, both cats and dogs, in both rural and urban areas. They normally prey on small animals such as…

  • Aug 24 2015

    Dog Walking Etiquette

    Dog Walking Etiquette Easy Infographic Besides providing exercise, taking your dog for a walk is also a fantastic way for the two of you to bond, spend quality time together…

  • Aug 17 2015

    Great Dane – Breed Information

    Great Dane – Breed Information Also called the Deutsche Dogge and German mastiff, the Great Dane is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. Despite its large size,…

  • Aug 10 2015

    Cleaning Dog Toys

    Cleaning Dog Toys Dog toys provide fun, stimulation and distraction, and are very effective against boredom, especially when your pet is home alone. But unfortunately, they get very dirty in…

  • Aug 07 2015

    Picking the Right Dog Collar

    Picking the Right Dog Collar  

  • Jul 27 2015

    Itchy Skin in Cats

    Itchy Skin in Cats If your cat can’t stop scratching, you should take a closer look at her coat and skin to see what could be the culprit. Itchy skin…

  • Jul 20 2015

    Introducing Your Dog to New Dogs

    Introducing Your Dog to New Dogs Dogs are social animals and a new dog can thus bring a lot of joy in your pet’s life. A new dog, after all,…