• Dec 16 2015

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    Christmas Dangers for Dogs

    Christmas is a happy time for most dogs. The entire family is together, everyone is in a festive mood, there are all sorts of goodies to eat, … But there…

  • Dec 09 2015

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    Chocolate Toxins and How to Keep Them Away from Dogs

    Dogs love to eat sweet foods including chocolate, preferably in large quantities. But they are not supposed to because chocolate and anything containing chocolate (or cocoa) is poisonous to dogs….

  • Dec 02 2015

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    Cold Weather Tips for Outdoor Dogs

    Cold Weather Tips for Outdoor Dogs Dogs are not as sensitive to low temperatures as their human owners. This, however, doesn’t mean they can be left outdoors during the winter….

  • Nov 18 2015

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    Ethylene Glycol-Based Coolants Are Extremely Toxic to Pets

    Ethylene glycol, the main ingredient of most engine coolants is an extremely toxic chemical which can be deadly if ingested. It takes just a drop or two to kill a…

  • Nov 11 2015

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    Rodenticides: a Serious Threat to Dogs and Cats

    As the temperatures get cooler in the fall, rodents such as rats and mice seek shelters in warm areas, with many attempting to move indoors. For obvious reasons, no one…

  • Nov 04 2015

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    Dangers of Mushrooms

    Dangers of Mushrooms Edible mushrooms or mushrooms that are non-toxic to humans are generally also non-toxic to pets. However, some can cause gastrointestinal upset or even symptoms of poisoning. This…

  • Oct 29 2015

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    Employee Pumpkin Carving Contest

    ***UPDATE*** The votes are all in and counted.  The winner is…. Samantha, our new Receptionist with Entry #5! Congratulations Samantha! It’s our annual Employee Pumpkin Carving Contest! This year you…

  • Oct 19 2015

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    Vote on the Halloween Costume Contest

    ***UPDATE*** We have winners! Martini anyone is 1st! Cat Sushi is 2nd! Sleeping Skeleton is 3rd! Yoda is 4th! Sunny as “Toothless” is 5th, Darth Vader is 6th, Sydney as “Toothless”…

  • Sep 28 2015

    Dealing with Dog Separation Anxiety

    Dealing with Dog Separation Anxiety Separation anxiety can cause a lot of stress for both the dog and his owner(s). Dogs suffering from this behavioral problem are going through agony…

  • Sep 21 2015

    10 Steps to Feline Dental Health

    10 Steps to Feline Dental Health In addition to ensuring that your cat’s teeth stay healthy and strong, the 10 steps to feline dental health below will also help you…