Train Your Dog Month

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This January, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) will organize the sixth annual Train Your Dog Month with an aim to promote proper dog training by providing information, advice and resources as well as holding various events throughout the United States. The goal is to raise public awareness about the importance and benefits of dog training and socialization, and encourage dog owners (and those who are about to become dog owners) to ensure that their furry friends get proper training from the start. But the APDT also wants for the public to realize that dog training can also be fun, rewarding and enjoyable – for both dogs and their owners.

Training and Socialization Essential for a Happy, Balanced and Well Mannered Dog

It is never too late for dog training and to teach your pet good manners, correct misbehavior, help him get along better with other dogs, etc. But the sooner the dog is trained the better. Ideally, training and socialization should start early in puppyhood in order for the dog to learn to behave around other dogs and people in different environments. Since the skills and manners developed during young age stick for a lifetime, puppy training and socialization are essential to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe during adulthood as well.

In addition to learning good manners and to behave around other dogs and people in different environments, puppy training and socialization also help the dog learn to stay out of trouble and avoid finding himself in potentially dangerous situations. For example, well trained dogs are much less likely to run away, be aggressive to other dogs or prone to other behavior issues which can put them at serious risk of injury or even death. This is because a well trained dog knows what is expected from him, how to behave in particular situations and most importantly, how to interact with other dogs and people. As a result, a well trained dog is calmer, more confident and happier.

Having Fun While Training Your Dog

Dog training offers a lot of fun for both dogs and their owners, of course, under the condition that it’s done by following proven and dog-friendly training techniques. During the Train Your Dog Month, dog owners will have the opportunity to learn how fun training can be at various events and webinars, get information and advice on finding the best training classes as well as learn useful tips and tricks on how to make training more fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

About the APDT

The APDT is a professional educational organization with more than 6,000 members from around the world who are aspiring to become better dog trainers by using scientifically tested and proven training techniques. It was founded as a trainers’ forum by English-American veterinarian and dog trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar (born 1947) in 1993 but over the following two decades, it has grown into the world’s largest trainers’ association. The APDT also works on promoting the importance and benefits of dog training to the public by providing information, advice and resources as well as organizing events such as Train Your Dog Month which has been held every January since 2010.