Dog Walking Etiquette

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Dog Walking Etiquette

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Besides providing exercise, taking your dog for a walk is also a fantastic way for the two of you to bond, spend quality time together or simply have fun. But only under condition that you follow the rules of dog walking etiquette. There are not many but there are some very important rules to follow to make the daily walk with your dog an enjoyable and rewarding experience not only for the two of you but for other dog walkers, joggers, cyclists, etc. as well.

Always Keep Your Dog on a Leash

This rule should never be broken even if you have the most highly trained and obedient dog in the world, for both his and other people’s (and dogs’) safety. A leash enables you to have full control of your dog at all times. It enables you to prevent him not only from chasing cats, attacking skateboarders, etc. but it also enables you to prevent him from running on the street and get hit by a car. And the last but not the least important, it reassures other people that they won’t get attacked or disturbed by your dog.

Teach Your Dog to Obey and Respond Instantly to Commands Such as “Come”, “Sit” and “Leave It”

In addition to having control of your dog physically, it is crucial to control him mentally/psychologically as well which is especially important if the dog is from a medium- to large-sized breed. Unless he is controlled through voice commands, he can be impossible to manage even if leashed. What is more, the leash is of little use if the dog doesn’t obey his owner. For that reason it is crucial for your dog to be well trained and above all, to obey and respond instantly to commands such as “come”, “sit” and “leave it”.

Remember that Some People Don’t Like Dogs and that No One Likes Misbehaved Dogs

Dog Walking Etiquette

Keep your dog away from other people and their properties. Most people love dogs, especially if they are well behaved but remember that there are also people who don’t like dogs for one reason or the other. And they don’t want to be approached by dogs and much less to be jumped on. Speaking about jumping, no one likes it, not even people who own dogs themselves. So respect other people’s space and teach your dog good manners.

Know the Rules of Dog Greeting

Don’t let your dog approach other dogs without asking their owners for approval. Let him greet the other dog by sniffing his rear end only if the owner agrees and be sure to pay attention to both dogs’ body language. If you notice any signs of tension or stress from either side, move your dog away immediately.

Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

In addition to being unsightly, smelly and annoying, uncollected dog poop can also spread various parasites, viruses and other disease-causing microorganisms to other dogs and in some cases even to people. Always carry a plastic bag in your pocket to be able to pick up your dog’s poop and dispose it in the nearest garbage can.

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