The Rocky Chronicles: Chapter 2

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The Rocky Chronicles: Chapter 2

I had a chance to sit down with Rocky at the Placer SPCA again. Rocky calmly walks over to me, he seems happy for the company. He assures me that things are going well but he wants a place to call home for himself. He settles down next to me and leans into me for pets. After a few minutes of required scritches he tells me the weirdest thing happened to him the previous night. He had a dream that was both disturbing and fun at the same time.

The Rocky Chronicles: The Dream

In Rocky’s own words, the Dream:

I dreamed I was sleeping on my back in the sand, the sun was shining and the breeze off the ocean was warm and comforting. Just so you know, I was wearing sunblock. I’m black and white, I dont want to be black and red. I was totally relaxing the day away. Suddenly, I woke up at the sound of bleating noises. As I opened my eyes I saw dozens of sheep milling about on the grass next to the sand. They were looking at me expectantly. I barked at them to go away because they were messing up my sleep. The sheep baaaaahing said, “Lead us hooooommmeee”. I laughed and said, “I’m not a herder, I’m a protector!”

That’s when I rolled over and looked down. I had long hair!!! I was like a 1980’s rock band!! I ran over to the water to see my reflection and boom, there I was, some big, overgrown, hairy sheep herder!

“A border collie?” I interrupted.

No, one of those boomerang dogs, something shepherd. Named after a place, I think they have spiders that eat birds and everything is trying to kill you…

“An Australian Shepherd?” I asked.

Yes, yes that’s it. I was an Australian Shepherd. I know that because one of my roommates here was one and I heard our care takers mention the breed name. Next thing I know I was filled with all this energy and started barking uncontrollably and took off after the sheep. The sheep were surprised at the sudden change but they turned and ran. ME, a pit /great dane mix started herding sheep!! I dont know what got into me. The problem was, I did not know where I was going, I was just herding these sheep around and around the area. I’m sure the sheep were wondering why I was so bad at it. The shepherd in me did a great job but I had no clue what I was doing or where I was going. Just as it was getting dark I woke up.

I was breathing hard, sweaty, panting away. I turn to my bowl of water and it was flipped over, my food was everywhere. I realized I was running in my sleep while on my side. That would be very embarrassing if anyone saw that. I’m not saying being a herder breed is bad, but I like my short hair. It doesn’t get into anything and I do not have to be brushed out.

The Rocky Chronicles: Aftermath

Rocky Placer SPCA

I chuckle at the story and I got a half hearted growl of annoyance then a big, goofy smile and the tongue came out. I gave him pets and he asked for rubs on his legs. “I’m a little sore today from my night time workout, chasing sheep is hard!” he exclaims. “Well, I’m glad you are back to yourself. I’m sure it wont be long before someone decides you are a perfect fit as a calm, quiet dog that wants an experience, loving family to give him pets. Good luck, I hope to not see you next week because you are at your forever home.” I reply. I say my good byes and head back to work.

Please contact the Placer SPCA to see how great of a dog he is.

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