The Rocky Chronicles

By February 6, 2015 Adoption, News, SPCA

Rocky Placer SPCA

The Rocky Chronicles: The Beginning

I met an awesome new dog yesterday. He’s been a resident with our friends at the SPCA. He has a strong, powerful stance but moved gently as he settles down for our meeting. I noticed right away his black and white markings and knew he was a handsome one. I sat down with him for a quick interview to learn more about him and his life.

The Rocky Chronicles: The Interview

Me: Rocky, they categorize you as a pit mix but only some of your features are that of a pit bull, can you explain the ‘mix’?

Rocky: I know my heritage is one that many are frightened of but I never understood it because I dont associate myself with it. I’ve been told my mix could be ‘mastiff’ or ‘great dane’ and I feel like I am more like them.

Me: From my interaction with you, you seem more like a gentle giant than anything else. You definitely favor the scritches.

Rocky: What can I say? I’m a dog, I love the attention. If someone wants to give me cuddles, I’m going to roll onto my back and take all I can get. Maybe it’s a small fault, but I do get jealous of cats and most other dogs. I dont like to share the attention.

Me: You obviously like people, but what about babies and kids?

Rocky: You mean the little masters? My hosts tell me that I am good with school age kids and up. I like people, both little and big. They know I like the little ones but I am big and strong and maybe a little clumsy so I might knock the little ones down. I would feel very sad so maybe kids that go to school are best for me.

Me: How have you been treated there at your temporary hotel room?

Rocky: It’s been great! Not only do I get to go on walks all the time but they even trained me to do some cool tricks and my agility workouts have made me lighter on my feet. I would love to have a family take me and continue to teach me more tricks. I know tricks mean treats and I love treats!

Me: That’s great to hear! Tell me a little about your life before you came to the SPCA?

Rocky: I had a good life. I was with a loving family and I thought I was set for life. Somehow they had to move across the country and couldn’t take me with them. It was very hard for them to say goodbye, I still miss them but I hear there is this white powder stuff across the country and its very cold. I dont have big ol’ bushy fur like Lassie, so I think I would be too cold. I like it here with this warm air. My old family was loving and nice to me, but I’m ready for another one now.

Me: That’s great to hear! So it would be safe to say that you might look like a really tall pit but your personality is more like a great dane; a big, calm, cuddle bug?

Rocky: I believe so. Look, I’ve been talking a bit here, can I have a treat? You also promised me pets…

Me: Ok ok, come here you big ol’ goofball.

The Rocky Chronicles: The Beginning

Rocky was pleasant to be around. He was fun and loving and eager to please. He reminded me very much like a great dane, his jowls, eyes, and gentle demeanor confirm that in my eyes. I feel like he is the dark horse in the adoption world. A missed gem that would bring a great deal of happiness to a loving family. Don’t miss out on this monstrous bundle of cuddles. Go to the Placer SPCA and play with him and see for yourself what a catch he is.

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