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Nutritional Information on Cats

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Nutritional Information on Cats

Cat’s health, happiness and longevity are closely related to a healthy diet that satisfies their specific nutritional requirements. In comparison to humans and dogs, cats need more proteins and fats, and fewer carbohydrates. They also need vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other essential nutrients, all in the right proportions and quantities. The last but not the least important, they need easy access to fresh water to stay hydrated.

Wet vs Dry Food

There is no agreement on which is better, wet or dry food. In comparison to dry food, wet food is higher in fat and protein content and lower in carbs, and much higher in moisture as it is more than 75% water. In addition to meeting feline nutritional needs, wet food also provides much of the necessary hydration. Dry food, on the other hand, contains only about 10% moisture. It is also slightly higher in carbohydrates and lower in protein. But it is higher in calories, less expensive and more convenient. And according to some experts, it helps prevent dental problems.

No matter if feeding your cat with wet or dry food, make sure that it meets the standards of the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) because it means that the food contains the right proportions and quantities of nutrients to satisfy your pet’s nutritional needs. If you are having difficulties deciding between wet and dry food, ask your veterinarian for advice.

How Much Food?Cat Food

Many cats are overweight or obese because they are overfed. Just like in humans, overweight and obesity in cats can lead to serious health problems including diabetes and arthritis. To help your cat maintain a healthy body weight and avoid overweight-related health problems, it is crucial to establish her ideal daily calorie intake. The latter depends on several factors including age, amount of physical activity and some other factors that vary from one cat to another. You are recommended to consult your veterinarian who will help you establish both the ideal body weight and food portions/daily calorie intake for your cat.

The Importance of Easy Access to Fresh Water

Cats have a low thirst drive. This is because in their natural environment they get most of the necessary water from food. Their favorite prey – mice and other rodents – are roughly 70% water and besides satisfying the cat’s protein and energy needs, they also keep her well hydrated. Cats that are fed with dry food (approximately 10% water content) thus aren’t getting enough water from their diet and should be provided with easy access to fresh water. Wet food (more than 75% water) is even higher in water content than cats’ natural food but it is very important for your feline friend to have easy access to fresh water even if she is fed with wet food. If not drinking/obtaining enough water, cats can develop serious health problems including kidney disease.

Resist the temptation to replace water with milk to encourage your cat to drink more. Cats love milk but they don’t really need it. In addition, many cats – just like their human owners – are lactose intolerant. As a result, they can experience gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and upset stomach.

Rocklin Road Raffle Contest Rules.

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Update: Congratulations to all the winners!!

Congratulations to all those who participated in our Social Media Raffle! All the winners have been contacted for their prizes. I hope you all continue to follow us for more contests, free prizes, and great news and updates to what we are doing. Contact us for any questions or information, we are as accessible as possible for all our clients! Email us HERE.

Stay tuned for our next contest coming shortly! Hint – Get those cameras ready!

Rocklin Road Raffle – What it is

Our goal is to build a community within our community by increasing our accessibility in social media. We want to have an open line of communication with all our clients to better serve you. Connecting to everyone through social media is a great way to have conversations about our favorite things in the world….our pets.

Rocklin Road Raffle – Rules

– For each social media platform that you Follow you receive one raffle ticket, you can get up to six tickets per person

– You do not have to be a current client to take part so tell your friends to jump in as well.

– Information to include in the email:

  • Email your full name
  • Whether you are a current client
  • You username for each account so we can make sure to get you the credit.

For example: John Smith, Current Client, Twitter username is @smithysmith; Facebook – JSmith01, Instagram – JJSmith etc…

EMAIL HERE to submit your information.

** If you already follow us on one of those platforms then fill out the same form to get credit for it.

– Contest will run from 2/16 to 2/28, all entries must be in by 10PM on 2/28/2015.

Rocklin Road Social Media Platforms

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Rocklin Road Prizes –

— First place winner (1 person) gets : Free Wellness Exam + Nail Trimming

— Second Place Winner (3 winners) get: Free Nail Trimming for your pet

— Third Place Winner (6 winners) get: $10.00 gift cards to Starbucks


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Kitten Vaccines and Schedule

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Kitten Vaccines and Schedule

Vaccination is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your cat from a number of diseases that have no cure or/and can cause potentially life-threatening complications. But it is crucial for your feline friend to receive the vaccine before being exposed to the disease. Therefore, it is best to have your cat vaccinated while still a kitten.

Core and Non-Core Kitten Vaccines

There are two categories of kitten vaccines – core and non-core. The first category encompasses vaccines that are agreed to be crucial for feline health and provide protection against feline distemper (also known as panleukopenia, a highly contagious disease which is often fatal), rabies, calicivirus and feline rhinotracheitis (also referred to as feline herpesvirus because it is caused by feline herpesvirus type 1).

Unlike core vaccines which should be received by all kittens, non-core vaccines are given to cats that are at risk of contracting particular diseases or/and developing a more severe form of illness. Non-core vaccines are given against infectious diseases such as feline leukemia virus, Chlamydophila felis, and FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). Ask your veterinarian if and which non-core vaccines might be beneficial for your kitten.

How Kitten Vaccines Work?

All vaccines, no matter if intended for humans or animals, work on the same principle. They contain a small amount of disease-causing virus or bacteria (antigens) that is insufficient to cause illness but sufficient to stimulate the immune system to develop antibodies to the introduced antigens. If and when exposed to the actual disease, the immune system releases antibodies that fight off the virus or bacteria and prevent them from causing disease/reduce the severity of illness.

Cat Vaccine

Risks and Side Effects of Kitten Vaccines

Severe reactions to kitten vaccines are rare and their benefits far outweigh the risks. Side effects – if they occur – are usually mild and short lived. The most commonly reported side effect is pain, swelling or/and redness at the injection site. Serious side effects are extremely uncommon but not impossible: tumor at the injection site, lethargy, fever, loss of appetite and very rare life-threatening allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis which develops almost immediately after receiving the vaccine. Please consult your veterinarian about the risks and side effects of kitten vaccines as well as about the signs to look for after vaccination to know if and when to seek veterinary help.

When is the Best Time to Have Your Kitten Vaccinated?

In order for the vaccines to work and protect your cat from potentially life-threatening diseases, it is of utmost importance for her to be vaccinated at the right time. During the first few weeks after birth, kittens are protected from infectious diseases by antibodies that are received through their mother’s milk. For that reason, there is no need for them to be vaccinated immediately. The first doses of core and some non-core vaccines can be given when the kitten is 6 to 8 weeks old, and the follow-up doses 3 to 4 weeks later unless recommended otherwise by your veterinarian.


The Rocky Chronicles: Chapter 2

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The Rocky Chronicles: Chapter 2

I had a chance to sit down with Rocky at the Placer SPCA again. Rocky calmly walks over to me, he seems happy for the company. He assures me that things are going well but he wants a place to call home for himself. He settles down next to me and leans into me for pets. After a few minutes of required scritches he tells me the weirdest thing happened to him the previous night. He had a dream that was both disturbing and fun at the same time.

The Rocky Chronicles: The Dream

In Rocky’s own words, the Dream:

I dreamed I was sleeping on my back in the sand, the sun was shining and the breeze off the ocean was warm and comforting. Just so you know, I was wearing sunblock. I’m black and white, I dont want to be black and red. I was totally relaxing the day away. Suddenly, I woke up at the sound of bleating noises. As I opened my eyes I saw dozens of sheep milling about on the grass next to the sand. They were looking at me expectantly. I barked at them to go away because they were messing up my sleep. The sheep baaaaahing said, “Lead us hooooommmeee”. I laughed and said, “I’m not a herder, I’m a protector!”

That’s when I rolled over and looked down. I had long hair!!! I was like a 1980’s rock band!! I ran over to the water to see my reflection and boom, there I was, some big, overgrown, hairy sheep herder!

“A border collie?” I interrupted.

No, one of those boomerang dogs, something shepherd. Named after a place, I think they have spiders that eat birds and everything is trying to kill you…

“An Australian Shepherd?” I asked.

Yes, yes that’s it. I was an Australian Shepherd. I know that because one of my roommates here was one and I heard our care takers mention the breed name. Next thing I know I was filled with all this energy and started barking uncontrollably and took off after the sheep. The sheep were surprised at the sudden change but they turned and ran. ME, a pit /great dane mix started herding sheep!! I dont know what got into me. The problem was, I did not know where I was going, I was just herding these sheep around and around the area. I’m sure the sheep were wondering why I was so bad at it. The shepherd in me did a great job but I had no clue what I was doing or where I was going. Just as it was getting dark I woke up.

I was breathing hard, sweaty, panting away. I turn to my bowl of water and it was flipped over, my food was everywhere. I realized I was running in my sleep while on my side. That would be very embarrassing if anyone saw that. I’m not saying being a herder breed is bad, but I like my short hair. It doesn’t get into anything and I do not have to be brushed out.

The Rocky Chronicles: Aftermath

Rocky Placer SPCA

I chuckle at the story and I got a half hearted growl of annoyance then a big, goofy smile and the tongue came out. I gave him pets and he asked for rubs on his legs. “I’m a little sore today from my night time workout, chasing sheep is hard!” he exclaims. “Well, I’m glad you are back to yourself. I’m sure it wont be long before someone decides you are a perfect fit as a calm, quiet dog that wants an experience, loving family to give him pets. Good luck, I hope to not see you next week because you are at your forever home.” I reply. I say my good byes and head back to work.

Please contact the Placer SPCA to see how great of a dog he is.

Rocklin Road Vet Phone Connections

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Due to the weather, our phones have become unreliable. We have a technician coming to work on it, but in the mean time, please feel free to CLICK HERE with questions, appointments, and concerns so we can help. Some people are getting through, some are not.


02/06/2015 1417 – Phones are spotty

02/06/2015 1446 – It has been confirmed that power lines and phone lines are down around the area and they are conflicting or overloading active ones. We have confirmed it is not our phone system.

20/07/2015 1530 – Phones were adjusted and work well again.

The Rocky Chronicles

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Rocky Placer SPCA

The Rocky Chronicles: The Beginning

I met an awesome new dog yesterday. He’s been a resident with our friends at the SPCA. He has a strong, powerful stance but moved gently as he settles down for our meeting. I noticed right away his black and white markings and knew he was a handsome one. I sat down with him for a quick interview to learn more about him and his life.

The Rocky Chronicles: The Interview

Me: Rocky, they categorize you as a pit mix but only some of your features are that of a pit bull, can you explain the ‘mix’?

Rocky: I know my heritage is one that many are frightened of but I never understood it because I dont associate myself with it. I’ve been told my mix could be ‘mastiff’ or ‘great dane’ and I feel like I am more like them.

Me: From my interaction with you, you seem more like a gentle giant than anything else. You definitely favor the scritches.

Rocky: What can I say? I’m a dog, I love the attention. If someone wants to give me cuddles, I’m going to roll onto my back and take all I can get. Maybe it’s a small fault, but I do get jealous of cats and most other dogs. I dont like to share the attention.

Me: You obviously like people, but what about babies and kids?

Rocky: You mean the little masters? My hosts tell me that I am good with school age kids and up. I like people, both little and big. They know I like the little ones but I am big and strong and maybe a little clumsy so I might knock the little ones down. I would feel very sad so maybe kids that go to school are best for me.

Me: How have you been treated there at your temporary hotel room?

Rocky: It’s been great! Not only do I get to go on walks all the time but they even trained me to do some cool tricks and my agility workouts have made me lighter on my feet. I would love to have a family take me and continue to teach me more tricks. I know tricks mean treats and I love treats!

Me: That’s great to hear! Tell me a little about your life before you came to the SPCA?

Rocky: I had a good life. I was with a loving family and I thought I was set for life. Somehow they had to move across the country and couldn’t take me with them. It was very hard for them to say goodbye, I still miss them but I hear there is this white powder stuff across the country and its very cold. I dont have big ol’ bushy fur like Lassie, so I think I would be too cold. I like it here with this warm air. My old family was loving and nice to me, but I’m ready for another one now.

Me: That’s great to hear! So it would be safe to say that you might look like a really tall pit but your personality is more like a great dane; a big, calm, cuddle bug?

Rocky: I believe so. Look, I’ve been talking a bit here, can I have a treat? You also promised me pets…

Me: Ok ok, come here you big ol’ goofball.

The Rocky Chronicles: The Beginning

Rocky was pleasant to be around. He was fun and loving and eager to please. He reminded me very much like a great dane, his jowls, eyes, and gentle demeanor confirm that in my eyes. I feel like he is the dark horse in the adoption world. A missed gem that would bring a great deal of happiness to a loving family. Don’t miss out on this monstrous bundle of cuddles. Go to the Placer SPCA and play with him and see for yourself what a catch he is.

Welcome to Our New Website

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Welcome to Our New Website!!

If you’re here, you already know about it! Through client feedback and obvious navigation issues, we realized that our website was both out dated and hard to manage. It also struggled with speed and efficiency. So now, here we are, after a long journey into the new and improved. We hope you like it!

Send us Feedback on our New Website!

So we’ve rolled out the website, but what now? Do you like it? Do you see some glaring issues with it? Send us feedback by clicking HERE. We strive to bring an ongoing high level of quality care to our patients, but also keep our clients informed about what we are doing, and making it easier for them to stay informed about changes in the industry and local events that might be of interest. We update the website daily adding more content to build a stronger community, in the world and online, that everyone can be a part of.

Share our new Website

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