Orthopedic Surgery

Many pets experience accidents or injuries that require more than simple first aid. The professionals at Rocklin Road Animal Hospital are experienced in treating injuries or congenital diseases that cause lameness.

Common injuries to a working or performing animal are more obvious, but subtle symptoms of a serious bone or joint issue include:

  • Lameness
  • Lethargy
  • Unwillingness to jump down or climb up short distances
  • Withdrawal
  • Irritability

At times, the only symptom may be a change in your pet’s personality—all behavioral changes should be reported to your veterinarian at once to prevent possible damage or excessive pain to your pet.

Some examples of orthopedic surgeries performed at Rocklin Road Animal Hospital include:

  • Repair of fractures
  • Repair of cruciate ligament tear (ACL)
  • Repair of OCD (osteochondritis desiccans), a congenital cartilage disease
  • Repair of luxating patellas (knee caps that pop in and out of place)

Many of the more common orthopedic conditions are vastly improved or cured by these surgeries. Our goal is to return your pet to normal, pain-free activity as soon as possible.

To discuss your concerns about orthopedic issues in your dog or cat, contact the veterinarians at Rocklin Road Animal Hospital today.