Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Rocklin Road Animal Hospital in Rocklin, CA! We’re pleased to provide genuine veterinary care for your pets!




Dr. Rana achieved her doctorate of veterinary medicine in her home country of beautiful India. She has been in the veterinarian field for 9yrs. Along with being a talented doctor; she is also our medical director. She and her husband have two beautiful little girls and one dog. She loves to go hiking, kayaking, and spending times outdoors.



Originally coming from emergency medicine, Dr. Stacey Gillis graduated from UC Davis in 1995 and has worked as a veterinarian for 25 years. She was the partial owner of Pet Emergency center for 23 years and she loves doing surgeries especially soft tissue surgeries. She has four children – two girls and two boys – and enjoys running, riding bicycles, paddle boarding, and working on her home. She also has three pets, 2 dogs and a pot-bellied pig.



Dr. Debbie Hench has been a veterinarian for 16 years after graduating from UC Davis and originally coming from emergency medicine. She is married and has one dog, a Standard Poodle named Marshall. She enjoys hiking, walking outdoors, off-roading, and kayaking. She is currently learning to ride a dirt bike, loves New York City (especially the pizza), and has a special interest in toxicology. She focuses on building strong bonds with clients and their pets.



Madeline (more commonly referred to as Maddie) hails from Santa Barbara and came to us when she was studying to take her state board exams to become a Registered Veterinarian Technician.  Since then, she has been providing amazing care to our furry friends and we are so lucky to have her here! Maddie has a passion for felines and even has 4 of her own (in addition to her plethora of chickens).  She is an excellent artist and keeps us laughing with her doodles.  We are also excited to announce that Maddie and her husband have now welcomed a new (non furry) member to their family: their handsome son Ulysses! 

Tatiana McPhee, RVT



Tatiana has been working as a veterinary assistant since 2006 and has been at Rocklin Road since 2008. In 2011 Tatiana completed her veterinary technician education and passed her exam to become a registered veterinary technician. Tatiana has a special interest in animal dentistry, loves cleaning teeth, and would be happy to discuss your pet’s dental care with you. Tatiana’s technical skills, her compassion for the patients, and the contagious enthusiasm she brings to work all add to the quality of our team. In her limited free time, Tati is also an INCREDIBLE musician and leather artist! We often wonder if there is anything she can’t do!


Veterinary Assistant

Breanna comes to Rocklin Road fresh out of Vet Tech school in Yuba.  She will soon be taking the State Board to become a Registered Vet Tech.  She grew up in Citrus Heights, and her family eventually moved to Olivehurst.  Breanna is an experienced softball player with over 15 years in her glove.  She loves to hang out with family, friends, her two dogs, and one Red Ear Slider.  She would eventually like to work with exotic wildlife like lions and tigers but for now, she will be helping your cats and dogs feel comforted and at home!


Receptionist, Veterinary Assistant

Kenzie has worked in the veterinary field for almost 15 years as both a vet assistant and as an administrative staff member. She lives with her husband and son on their mini hobby farm and enjoys spending her free time outside with all of their critters! She loves to foster all types of animals but does not have a great success rate of rehoming and instead keeps them and works at two veterinary hospitals to support them all!


Veterinary Assistant

Sam is from SoCal and came to us when she was looking for a clinic to complete her internship hours while working towards her certifications. She wowed us with her hard work and willingness to always lend a hand that we just had to keep her! She loves animals of all shapes and sizes and has a background in customer service working for her own businesses along with her family. She is a real giver and is not afraid to put in the hard work. We are so happy she decided to join us and is an amazing addition to our team!


Veterinary Assistant

Christina has been an incredible asset to us at Rocklin Road during the course of her time here. In addition to her skill as a veterinary assistant, she spends much of her own free time working with rescues finding homes for and giving second chances to many homeless pets in the area. We often refer to her as a guardian angel for neglected animals because she truly has made such a difference in the lives of so many! When she’s not rescuing animals, Christina loves to spend time with her family, friends, and two dogs, Neff and Sapphira. Go Pack Go!


Veterinary Assistant

Blake has been making us laugh with her quirky sense of humor and infectious laugh for a few years now. Blake started her veterinary medicine career in Texas and has since moved out here to grace us with her skills! She is exceptionally valued here for both her hard work and her comedic relief. In her personal time, she can be found playing video games or spending time with her girlfriend and their collection of fur babies: Kahlua, Snickers, Crinkles, and Cola.


Head of Client Services

Cay is a seasoned veterinary team member, having worked as such since 1983! She joined Rocklin Road Animal Hospital in 2006 and Cay’s years of experience in the field have given her a knowledge base that makes her an invaluable member of our team. She is the proud mother to a herd of dachshunds, quite a few cats, her couple of chickens, as well as two talented musicians for sons. You will meet Cay at the front desk or on the phone as she answers your questions, schedules your appointments, or welcomes you to our hospital. She is great at answering your questions and helping you through a crisis with your dog or cat. No one will take care of you like Cay will! There’s a reason we affectionately refer to her as Mama Cay!


Practice Manager

Dawn has lived in Rocklin for 23 years. Dawn has provided the veterinary industry with compassionate, skillful care since 2010. Currently, she is preparing for certification as an RVT; we are all cheering her on! She and her family have quite the cool menagerie at home with four dogs, one cat, a handful chickens, a Sulcata Tortoise, and a bearded dragon! When not at work, she and her husband love to go boating, hiking, and camping. We are thrilled to call Dawn a member of our family here at Rocklin Road (and not just because she shares her snacks with everyone)!


New Kennel Attendant Coming Soon!


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Anna, Kennel Assistant


Kennel Attendant

Anna comes to us from England near Oxford.  She grew up in a little country village with cats and dogs and became an archeologist.  She moved to San Francisco where she volunteered at the Aquarium of the Bay and soon moved to Rocklin to be closer to family and for the better prices on housing!  She is very talented and plays guitar, bass and even banjo!  When not taking care of your pets, she loves to hike and spend time with her daughter and cat.  She is very talented and plays guitar, bass and even banjo!  We are excited to have such a talented caring person take care of your pets!