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Dental Wellness Package

Rocklin Road Animal Hospital’s Dental Wellness Package

Cat Dental Health RRAHAn Affordable Solution for Keeping your Pets Safe and Healthy

Dental Wellness Package

Depending on your dog or cat’s breed and family genetics he or she may need to have their teeth cleaned yearly. Our human dentists recommend teeth cleanings every six months…before any visible tartar has developed. This is because they understand the need to remove light tartar before it has a chance to evolve into the heavy tartar that traps food particles, hair (in the case of our pets) and bacteria…leading to gingivitis, periodontal disease, pain, discomfort, and tooth loss.

Our dental wellness package is designed to make it easier for pet owners to afford yearly professional dental care.

“The Plan”

– An oral exam twice a year
– A complete dental cleaning once a year
– Instructions on home care oral hygiene
– Consultation with you and your pet on home care twice a year
– A 10% discount on oral x-rays
– A 10% discount on oral surgery

Why is Dental Cleaning Important?

– Prevents tooth loss
– Relieves pain and improves quality of life
– Keeps your pet safe from harmful bacteria
– Keeps breath fresh

Why Choose a Dental Wellness Package?

– Shorter anesthesia time
– Easier procedure for pet
– Saves money
– Spreads the payments over the year
– Identifies the problems before they become serious health issues


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Download the Dental Wellness Brochure!

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