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Pain Management

Pet Pain Relief & Pain Management for Dogs & Cats in Rocklin CA

Our Services - Pain Management

Certain procedures and conditions would lead to a painful recovery if we didn’t use every available technique to manage your pet’s pain. Examples when pain management would be needed are surgery, dental cleanings (especially if they included tooth removal), injuries, and certain medical conditions such as pancreatitis or arthritis.

Not only is it humane to minimize or remove pain in your pet, but also it improves his or her recovery time from surgery or illness. It has been shown that pets heal more quickly if their pain is managed properly.

At Rocklin Road, we take pain seriously and provide relief from pain in many different ways. Whether due to a scheduled surgery, injury, or illness:

  • Pre-anesthetic medication to reduce the pain surgery can cause
  • Post-surgery medication (injections or oral medication)
  • Injectable local anesthetics (regional blocks)
  • Nerve blocks such as your dentist uses
  • Time-release pain patches that your pet wears home

Additionally, there are chronic conditions that your pet may be experiencing such at arthritis. Ask one of our veterinarians for help with this, or contact our office to discuss pain management issues.

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