• Jul 13 2017

    Summer Pet Safety Tips and Reminders

    Summer is now in full swing and with it comes the long, hot days. Here are some tips and reminders to keep your dog safe during the dog days of…

  • Apr 27 2017

    Hairball Awareness Day is observed on the last Friday in April. So we're regurgitating the furry facts about hairballs in your feline friends!

    What Causes a Feline Hairball? By Dr. Mike Paul, DVM Cats commonly develop hairballs that stress them and make us none too happy when we find them on the floor. Hairballs are,…

  • Mar 15 2017

    Don't PANIC about your pet's skin

    Pets’ skin conditions can drive an entire household a little crazy with the constant biting, licking and SO. MUCH. SCRATCHING. But if your pet is suffering from a skin problem,…

  • Feb 06 2017

    Five Tips for a Healthier Dog Smile

    Dog Checkups & Preventive Care Dogs have 42 smile generators. Keeping those 42 teeth strong, healthy, and happy is essential to preventing illness, pain, and may extend longevity. Each February,…

  • Dec 14 2016

    Protecting Your Pet's Paws

    Winter can be brutal on our dog’s paw pads. Exposed to the elements and toxic chemicals, the paw pads are at risk for drying, cracking, trauma, frostbite and chemical burns….

  • Nov 16 2016

    Diabetes in Cats

     What is feline diabetes? Diabetes mellitus, the clinical name for “sugar diabetes,” is a condition that affects the concentration of glucose, a type of sugar, in your cat’s blood. Diabetes…

  • Oct 24 2016

    5 Dangerous Halloween Candies for Pets

    Halloween is associated with spooky haunted houses, costume parties and most of all, Halloween candy! Certain types of candy can be toxic and very dangerous to pets. Below are are five…

  • Oct 04 2016

    Dangers of Mushrooms

    Dangers of Mushrooms Edible mushrooms or mushrooms that are non-toxic to humans are generally also non-toxic to pets. However, some can cause gastrointestinal upset or even symptoms of poisoning. This…

  • Aug 26 2016

    How to train pets for a Fear-Free veterinary experience

    How to train pets for a Fear-Free veterinary experience  Fear-Free veterinary visits start before the dog trots through your front door. Pet owners can help by training these three behaviors…

  • May 05 2016

    Preventing Dog Bites: A Guide for Safer Interactions

    An important part of dog bite prevention in recognizing the behaviors that signal Fido is uncomfortable.  Stephan Appelbaum, ABCDT, president and CEO of Animal Behavior College, shares things to keep…